Cancer Immunotherapy

Cancer immunotherapy aims to treat patients by mobilizing the immune system to recognize and attack tumors. Based on the groundbreaking initial research and discoveries by our founders, we aim to revolutionize the immunotherapy field through our translational science platform.

What makes us different
Advancing a pipeline of innovative cancer therapies

Immunotherapies are increasingly recognized as a critical component of cancer therapy and are beginning to fundamentally change the paradigm for treating patients. However, due to a general lack of predictive biomarkers to identify responsive patient populations, fewer than half of all cancer patients respond to these immunotherapies as single agents. Combination therapies are beginning to yield greater responses than single agent therapies, although there is still significant unmet medical need across large patient populations.

Developing unparalleled immunologic insights into tumors in order to match the right therapies to the right patients

Our Translational Science Platform utilizes a suite of integrated technologies to profile the immune cellular and molecular characteristics within thousands of human solid tumors, providing critical information on the tumor micro-environment (TME) that allows us to identify and guide new immunotherapies more efficiently through development. We utilize a systematic approach to match targets to defined patient populations that we believe are more likely to benefit from these therapies – allowing us to distinguish and prioritize targets versus making a more random choice. If our biomarker-driven strategies are successful, we anticipate developing a companion diagnostic for each product. We believe that we can facilitate a systematic means of novel immunotherapy discovery, enroll biomarker-defined patient populations in clinical trials, and develop therapies, alone or in combination, that will have a meaningful and long-lasting impact on the lives of cancer patients.

What does that mean for patients? If our strategies are successful, we anticipate more robust and rapid achievement of human proof of concept and shorter times to deliver novel therapies to patients with unmet needs.

Jounce’s Translational Platform